thought for food…

sugar, alcohol and meat
are addictive and too sweet
they’re the dregs of society
serving to fill me with anxiety
yet i indulge in them with piety
as they’re the pillars of propriety!

i mean, what would we do without cake
that we bake
for the friends that we make?
it would be rude of me not to take
but my gratitude like sugar is fake

alcohol breaks the ice
and lifts our disguise
making most of us seem quite nice
it has us on our feet
not long after we meet

but if i carry on this way
my body and mind may not be okay
oh, i feel so guilty today…

and as far as eating meat goes
is it a sin, god knows??!
i just believe vegetables are the real deal
a soulful kind of meal
i think wholefoods are a treat
and gourmet vegetarianism
is what i would like to preach

it would be great if i could
live as i think i should
in my new neighbourhood


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