A dose of reality.

When I was little no one talked about being dead
Fears were secret, reality hidden instead
So I believed I was special and able to overcome
By living an egoic life and trying to play dumb.
I strategised to keep denial in place
Avoiding truth by not looking death in the face.
Who could blame me when I was never told
The facts of life, that I will die and grow old?
“It doesn’t happen to people and won’t happen to me,”
The effects of denial on my relationships are easy to see.
Psychotherapy has shown me and helped me understand
That I’m a mortal human being just like every other (wo)man.
I’ve had to strip off my defences standing naked in the dread
Abandoning myself to the anxiety of my fear of being dead.
Are children ever taught in a straight and loving way
To face their fears of existence and live life without delay?
All that natural curiosity and wonder ready to cultivate
Opening up the doors to freedom, in a way that’s never too late.
I feel a very strong sense of duty to carefully initiate
A dose of reality, death anxiety and the inevitability of fate.


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